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Confetti Fest 12 – Call for Auditions

Confetti Stage seeks actors and crew for our 12th annual short play festival!  This year we have selected 5 original works by local playwrights to showcase in our 12th season opening show.  For years, Confetti Stage has been devoted to developing new works and local talent, and Confetti Fest 12 is the hallmark of our collaborative and creative process.


Monday, August 22nd & Tuesday, August 23rd

6:30pm sign-in; 7:00pm audition start

Albany Masonic Hall, 67 Corning Place, downtown Albany

Actors should prepare a 1-2 minute monologue. It does not have to be memorized.  Monologues will be available at the auditions for cold readings.   Actors may also be asked to read selected sides from the plays.  Actors of all ethnicities, ages, and genders are encouraged to audition for the 20+ roles, character descriptions below are suggestions.

Performance dates:

Performances will be held October 7-9 and 13-16 (7:30pm for Thurs-Sat performances; 2:00pm for Sundays)

Tech week schedule to be determined during rehearsals, but actors are expected to clear their schedules the weekend and week before opening.

Please come to auditions prepared with your scheduling conflicts.

Please contact Linda Shirey at with any questions.



By Kate Carter

directed Patricia Keister

Death receives an unexpected visitor.

Characters (1M, 1 M or F):

DEATH (Sam): Could be played by a man or a woman.  Death does his/her job well and quietly, taking pleasure in the small rewards.  He/she has an odd, dry sense of humor.

JOHN MILLS: The father of a willful and adorable five-year-old girl who he loves very much.  John is a very curious and strong-willed man.



by Stephen Henel

directed by Mark Dalton

Funny Voices is about the children of a voice actor connecting with his memory through the ads and cartoons he recorded in life.  As they play their father’s recordings, we see their father in the recording booth, struggling with the challenges of his career and the regrets of his family life.

Characters (1F, 2M, possible multiple M/F):

LARRY THOMAS: Voice actor best known for starring in “Cosmus of the Cosmos,” an animated serial for children.  He is brusque and affable, but has a mean streak as well.

VOICE DIRECTORS: They are all separate characters, but can be played by the same actor or actress.

BETTY: Larry’s daughter. Survivor of an abusive marriage and mother of a young boy, Kenneth.  She has had a troubled relationship with Larry, and is somewhat resentful of her brother for not being more present after their father’s health took a turn for the worse.

BARNEY: Larry’s son.  He’s the drummer in a moderately successful metal band.  He left home at an early age, and while he bears little malice for his father, he also avoids spending any time with him.



by Julie Demers

directed by Tony Pallone

It’s hard to be different when you had thought you were all different together.

Characters (5F; 4M, possible casting of multiple parts):

CASSIE: The main character, in her teens or early 20s, kind and hopeful, a bit naïve

MOTHER: 40s, wants the best for her daughter in her own way

FATHER: 40s, wants the best for his daughter in his own way

GIRL: typical 10-year-old

BOY: college-age boy, oblivious

MISSY: sweet and curious 13-year-old

KID: typical 12-year-old

MISSY’S MOTHER: 40s, overprotective

GUY ON SUBWAY: cross-dresser with spunk

Note: It is best if the cast are all adults.  Actors may be cast to play more than one part.



by Valerie Kavanaugh

directed by Matthew Teichner

From the mundane to the sublime, switchblades to French horns, dejection to ecstasy, this blind date has it all.

Characters (2F, 1M):

WOMAN: Able to play 40s

MAN: Able to play 40s

WAITRESS: any age



by Amy Sarah LaMena

directed by David Braucher

Well-traveled newlyweds, Ken and Marcy, are thrown into turmoil as a parasite diagnosis shines light on a crack in their near-symbiotic marriage.

Characters (1F, 1M, 1 M or F):

KEN: 50-55, A devoted world traveler, Ken rejects everything about his old, pencil-pushing life.  He adores his new wife, Marcy, but can be myopic and pushy in pursuit of his own goals.

MARCY: 40-45, A practical woman swept up in the whirlwind romance offered by Ken.  His lust for travel is putting a strain on her, as is the parasite in her leg.

DOCTOR: male or female, any age, A busy ER physician who attempts to treat his patient depite the surrounding marital drama.

Confetti Fest 12 – Call for Submissions

Confetti Fest is an original short play festival that seeks to develop and highlight local playwriting talents.  We are seeking plays written by Capital Region Playwrights to be considered for participation in a play development process and our 12th annual short play festival, Confetti Fest 12 in October 2016.  Our short play festival was the first in the Capital District to feature all original works by local playwrights.  Previous works from our festivals have been chosen to perform at the TANYS (Theatre Association of New York State) and ESTA (Eastern States Theater Association) Festivals, including our 2010 production of “Holy Night” by Diane M. Doring, our 2011 production of “Safe Words” by Nathaniel Beynon, our 2013 production of “Mirror Bowl” by Sunny da Silva, our 2014 production of “Luc” by Julie Demers, and our 2015 production of “Nailing It” by Mark Dalton.

The Play Development Process:

Confetti Stage believes in supporting the improvement and development of artist’s skills through the production process, and with last year’s Confetti Fest 11 we extended this philosophy to script development for playwrights prior to the rehearsal period.  The aim of this process is to help playwrights further explore their scripts in collaboration with an experienced mentor and refine their work for production.

Playwrights who submit their work to Confetti Fest 12 can expect and must agree to participate in this script development period during the summer 2016 months prior to rehearsals starting in August 2016.  Script development will include:

  • Scheduled one-on-one sessions with an experienced playwright mentor, who will provide constructive critique and help you explore ways in which you can further develop and improve your work
  • Discussing and creating a plan of action to address aspects of the work that you and your mentor have targeted for revision
  • A guided revision process, which will result in a refined version of your work by the beginning of the rehearsal period



  • No longer than 30 pages of script AND running time cannot exceed 30 minutes
  • In 12-pt, Times New Roman font
  • Applicable to our mission statement (see below)
  • An original work by a playwright currently local to the Capital Region (works that have NOT been previously produced are encouraged)
  • Multiple submissions are accepted, but please make a separate submission for each script

Please include, on a separate cover page OR in your submission email:

  • Playwright’s contact information, including name, email address, local address, and phone number
  • The following statement: “By submitting [title of play] by [playwright’s name] for consideration, I am agreeing to actively participate in the Confetti Fest 12 script development and revision process before the start of rehearsals.  I understand that if I cannot or do not actively participate in play development, the play may be removed from the festival lineup.”
Please include with the copy of your script:
  • A brief synopsis of your play (100 words max.; think what you’d like publicity for your play to say)
  • Estimated running time
  • Character breakdown, including any casting preferences
  • Set and scene descriptions
  • Tech requirements (include lighting, sound, costume, prop/scenery requirements)
  • Any previous workshop or production history
*Please do NOT include your name or any other identifying information in the body of your script*


Participants of Confetti Fest can expect:

  • A fun, collaborative process
  • A fully-staged, off-book production of your script
  • Full credit in all programs and promotional materials for the festival
  • Possible adjudication by the Theatre Association of New York State (TANYS), as well as the possibility of having your work selected to perform at state (TANYS) and/or regional (ESTA) theater festivals.
Selection Process:
  • Scripts are chosen through a blind selection process by a committee of readers.
  • Playwrights will be notified by June 1st if their submission is chosen and will be expected at that time to make arrangements with the playwright mentor to start the development process.
  • Confetti Stage reserves the right to pull a play from the festival if the playwright cannot or does not actively participate in the script development process after it has been selected.

Submissions can be submitted electronically to or mailed to:

Confetti Stage, Inc.
Confetti Fest 12
67 Corning Place
Albany, NY 12207

Confetti Stage Mission Statement
Our mission is to celebrate the diversities of human experience through thought-provoking, challenging productions.  We foster creative expression in a collaborative, inclusive environment that engages the Capital Region community.

Please contact us at with any questions.  We look forward to receiving your submissions!