2023-2024 Season

“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by Dale Wasserman, directed by Siobhan Shea. Running May 10-19 at the Shaker Heritage Site.
The stage adaptation of Ken Kesey’s celebrated 1962 novel explores the brutality of life in a mental institution with humor, candor, and unforgettable characters. The band of misfits – Harding, Martini, Cheswick, Billy Bibbit, and Scanlon, still live in Dale Wasserman’s stage adaptation of the still live in this stage adaptation of the classic counterculture fable. The silent giant, Chief Bromden, watches as the band twitches and cowers under the icy sway of Nurse Ratched until a savior in a leather jacket stomps into the ward. RP McMurphy, a self confessed psychopathic mad dog does battle with Nurse Ratched. Misrule and free will struggle against order and conformity in a tragicomic fight to the finish.

Chief Bromden – Shaya Reyes
Dale Harding – Paul Curcio
Billy Bibbit – Emily Crist
Frank Scanlon – Peter V Miranda
Charles Cheswick II – Adele Mary Scheiber
Anthony Martini – J. Scala
Ruckley – William D. Wilday
RP McMurphy – Adam M. Coons
Aide Williams – Albert Yasus
Aide Warren – Thom Ingram
Dr. Spivey – Joe Bruton
Nurse Ratched – Sydney Davis
Nurse Flynn – Taryn Nasuta
Aide Turkle – Melissa Hughes
Candy Starr – Kassidi Jarvis
Sandy – Kaelyn Marshall

“White Rabbit Red Rabbit”

Confetti Stage, in association with Aurora Nova Productions and Boat Rocker Entertainment presents WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT by Nassim Soleimanpour.
Will you participate?
Will you be manipulated?
Will you listen?
Will you really listen?
Forget your preconceived notions of what theater is or should be. Forbidden to leave his native Iran, Soleimanpour wrote a play which traveled the world in his place. Since its premiere in 2011, the play has been translated into more than 30 different languages and has been performed over 3000 times all over the world. Each performance is a world premiere: no rehearsals, no set, and a different performer reads the script cold each time, having received it moments before stepping onstage. Each performance of White Rabbit Red Rabbit is automatically a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
“White Rabbit Red Rabbit” was be performed…
Friday, March 22, at 7:30 PM – featuring Laura Darling
Saturday, March 23, at 7:30 PM – featuring Nick Martiniano
Sunday, March 24, at 2:00 PM – featuring Ro Dell’Acqua

Stage Kiss by Sarah Ruhl

Confetti Stage is excited to announce auditions for “Stage Kiss” by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Sean T. Baldwin, assisted by Marissa Lounello.
Art and life imitate one another, and the line between the two occasionally grows thin. What happens when a married actress finds herself cast opposite an ex boyfriend as romantic leads in a long forgotten, badly written melodrama? Staged intimacy reignites the spark between them, and she suddenly finds herself torn between her husband and her great lost love. “Stage Kiss” is a comic love letter to theatre people and the strange things we do for our art.

Confetti Stage is excited to announce the cast of “Stage Kiss” by Sarah Ruhl
SHE: Edda Roemelt
HE: Vincent Lounello
Director: Lindsey Dodd
Husband: Zach Middleton
Laurie: Kaelyn Marshall
Kevin: Jay Pascual
Angela: Ro Dell’Acqua


Confetti Stage brings to the stage the full length version of a show which saw its first production as part of Confetti Stage’s 4th Annual Short Play Festival in the fall of 2008. Heresy, written by Clifton Park’s own Marty Egan is a comical look into the superstitions and traditions of Community Theater.
It’s opening night for the cast and crew of “A Christmas Carol” at this small Upstate New York Community Theater. Nerves are unsteady as everyone arrives at the theater. Charlie, in his first leading role, fights the opening night jitters by continuously running his lines. All seems “normal,” until first time actor, Jack, whose day job is as a meteorologist for the National Weather Service, utters the name of the Scottish Play, thus bringing the “Macbeth curse” down upon the show. Jack’s disregard for the tradition of “undoing” the curse, only adds to the tension of the evening. Near blizzard conditions, backstage gossip, an unfulfilled love affair between the leads, a broken furnace, and faulty wiring all threaten to close the show before it even opens. In the end, the troupe vows that the show will go on.
Confetti Stage is excited to announce the cast of “Heresy” by Marty Egan!
Debbie: Rebeca Ash
George: Brandon Page
Jack: Zachary Middleton
Marv: Lee Lattimer
Sarah: Marissa Lounello
Charlie: Tyler Cardona
Josie: Kristen C. Likas
Directed by Cory Haines, assisted by John Nickles.
Heresy is directed by Cory Haines, assisted by John Nickles.

Confetti Fest XIX
Confetti Stage is excited to announce the line-up for this year’s Confetti Fest, our annual festival of locally written one act plays:

“The Irish Play” by William Daisak

Brendan, an Irish playwright, is excited that his play will be opening in New York, and meets up with the director. But he soon finds that the director’s vision of the play is very different than Brendan’s sophisticated modern Irish drama. Instead, it is slated for step dancing, heavy drinking, brawls, and maybe even an appearance by Celtic Women. Plus, it might be set in Scotland, but at this point, who cares?

“Christmas Newsletter” by Peter Marino

Ralph Smith is assigned the task of writing the family holiday newsletter this year. The temptation to spill his many secrets in an authentic but brutal Christmas message may overpower him.

“Last Stop” by Vincent James and Sean T. Baldwin

3 newly departed souls arrive in Heaven where they meet Lilith, Lucifer, and God, and learn that death was not the end of their journey.

“The Other Paris” by Matt Reichel

When their sister unexpectedly dies, Audrey and Sophie are tasked with fulfilling her dying wish to be thrown from the top of the Eiffel Tower. The only problem: their sister never specified which one.

Confetti Stage is excited to announce the cast and production team for Confetti Fest XIX!
“The Other Paris” by Matt Reichel, directed by Rachel Bratager
Megan Anderson as Sophie
Katie Hawksby as Audrey
Zachary Middleton as the Concierge
“The Irish Play” by Bill Daisak, directed by Criss Macaione
John Nickles as The Director
Jennifer Werner as Adelheid
Alex Grandin as Brendan
Ron Glasser as Pierre
“Last Stop” by Vincent Lounello and Sean T. Baldwin, directed by Marissa Lounello
Aaron Moore as God
Alex Grandin as David
Megan Anderson as Aleah
Jimmy Cupp as Chardonnay
Keyonn Everett as Lucifer
Victoria Nieves as Lilith
“Christmas Newsletter” by Peter Marino, directed by Tara McCormick-Hostash
Bill Daisak as Ralph
Zachary Middleton as Ralph
John Nickles as Ralph
Produced by Marissa Reimer Hangac and Vinny Miranda
Lights by Rachel Bratager
Sound by Garrett West
Technical Direction by Nick Nealon

Confetti Stage is proud to present the premiere of “MacWreck!” by Laura Darling (with contributions by William Shakespeare)

What happens when a struggling theatre company attempts to put on Shakespeare’s most cursed play? With everything on the line, the company must pull off a show stopping performance despite maddingly impossible odds, no budget, missing props, and maybe even a ghost! This meta theatre comedy shows the real life madness behind the curtain with real life laughs!

“MacWreck” will be performed inside the Meeting House at the Shaker Heritage Society, 25 Meeting House Road, Albany, NY 12211. Audience members are asked to bring a folding chair for seating.

Performances were July 14-16 and 20-23,

Courtesy of Price Chopper and Stewarts Shops, OUR THURSDAY PERFORMANCE WAS FREE!
Announcing the Cast List for Confetti Stage Presents: MACWRECK!
Lonnie- John Quinan
Sam- Sara Paupini
Molly- Emily Rae Fernandes
Kate- Rachel Bratager
Nick – Max Beyer
Devin- Ben Mills
Josie- Kaelyn Marshall
Sara- Rachel Stewart
Mae- Melanie Couillard
Lizzy- Jay Pascual
Paula- Amy Hausknecht
Cal- Sean Baldwin
Ann- Sivan Adler
Steve- Joshua Horowitz
Georgia Leek – Alyssa Talanker
Mrs. Goldberg – Amy Hausknecht
Poster by Rachel Stewart

She Kills Monsters
Confetti Stage is excited to announce its production of Qui Nguyen’s “She Kills Monsters”!

Agnes Evans is a completely average woman who strives to be nothing but average until the day she wishes her life was a little less boring. Her wish unfortunately comes true when her family, including her younger sister Tilly, dies in a car crash. Agnes was never close to Tilly due to the fact they were interested in completely different things; Agnes loved mainstream pop culture, while Tilly had a passion for everything classified as nerdy or geeky, with a special love for Dungeons and Dragons. As Agnes is cleaning and packing Tilly’s room in order to move everything to her place, she finds a module Tilly had written for D&D. In order to get closer to the sister she never really knew, Agnes embarks on her own adventure with the help of Dungeon Master Chuck to play the game as Tilly designed. As she delves deeper into her quest, the fantasy world and reality begin to collide and mix as Agnes searches to connect with Tilly and realizes how much of her sister she never knew.

“She Kills Monsters” features Sydney Davis, Alex Grandin, Kassidi Jarvis, Leah John, Vincent James Lounello, Vinny Miranda, Jay Pascual, Siobhan Shea, Ash Visker, and Molly Waters. It is directed by Sean T. Baldwin, assisted by Marissa Lounello. Stage managers are Ivy Kos and Mathena Rush.

“She Kills Monsters” runs March 24-26 and March 30-April 2. Performances are at 7:30 PM on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, with 2 PM Sunday matinees.

All performances will be held at the Albany Masonic Temple, 67 Corning Place, Albany, NY 12207.

Tickets are $15 for general admission, $10 for children and students with valid ID, and $8 per person for groups of 8 or more. Tickets are available at the door or online at https://lnkd.in/di8U-7vg.

Please note that masks will be required for all attendees. “She Kills Monsters” contains discussions and depictions of bullying throughout.
We are SO excited to announce the cast for our production of “She Kills Monsters” by Qui Nguyen!
Agnes – Ash Visker
Tilly – Sydney Davis
Lilith – Siobhan Shea
Kalliope – Molly Waters
Orcus – Vinny Miranda
Chuck – Alex Grandin
Miles – Vince Lounello
Steve – Jay Pascual
Farrah – Leah John
Vera – Kassidi Jarvis

Poster design by Rory Alexa.