The time has come! Confetti Stage is proud to present Confetti Fest 16!

Confetti Fest 16 features:
"The Choice" by Adele Costa, directed by Siobhan Shea
"Not Even One" by Lydia Nightingale, directed by Linda Shirey
"Merry Christmukkah to All" by Dan Smirlock, directed by Patrick White
"Painting Moonlight" by Laura Darling, directed by Joe Plock
"Great Humanity" by Matt Reichel, directed by Garrett West

Thanks to generous support from our donors, we are able to present Confetti Fest 16 free of charge to all viewers.

Wanna see more? Have a question you're dying to ask the cast? Donors will be invited to exclusive talkbacks with the casts, writers, and directors on December 4, 5, and 6. To register and donate, log on to

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Confetti Stage, Inc.

Meet the Cast!
Katie Hawksby from "Great Humanity" channels her inner Siri and praises Pharrell Williams. See her and the rest of the "Great Humanity" team TONIGHT at 7 in Confetti Fest 16 (Online!)

Who is your character, and what do they want in the show?

I am Peggy, the super smart super sleek all powerful protecter of the pod. Artificial Intelligence as we know it has nothing on Peggy. Ultimately this character wants to see Samantha Knight and Cola connect because she sees the similarities between both worlds. Peggy also quite literally just wants to see the outside.

What has been the biggest challenge in creating a show during a pandemic?

Wonky internet- at the beginning we did Zoom rehearsals and that issue was really challenging. Other than that things still managed to fall into place.

Why should people watch Confetti Fest 16?

Well because I’m in it...duh! But in all seriousness the talent in this skit as well as the other shows across the board is out of this world. Everyone worked together to create magic. This experience has sparked joy in an otherwise pretty dark time and I’m positive it’ll translate for viewers at home too.

If your character could give one quarantine survival tip, what would it be?

Peggy “would not advise confrontation in the current global state."

This is Confetti’s first big foray into filmed projects. If your character won an Oscar, who is the first person they would thank in their acceptance speech?

Siri. Then immediately after Karen (Plankton’s computer wife). Peggy is definitely a mixture between the two and those “beings” were the source of inspiration for my character.

Confetti Fest is being released during one of the biggest shopping weeks of the year. What item would your character wait in line on Black Friday for?

The newest Pharrell Williams album.

We are about to celebrate Thanksgiving in quarantine. What are you thankful for?

Well... the usual- having a roof over my head, income, food, friends and family. But diving in a bit deeper I am thankful not only for the good times but for the challenging times too because they allow us to grow.

In relation to the show am I am thankful for Matt‘s humor, creativity, and writing style because it gave room to develop the characters. I’m grateful for the team collaboration in this “socially distanced society.” It’s been such a welcoming environment with Confetti- the cast and crew have truly been amazing. Steve, Sarah and Kim are all fabulous humans and I’m so glad to have gotten to know them. And lastly I am especially thankful for the Director of the show because Garrett is my partner in crime.

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Meet the Cast!

Marissa Reimer from "Not Even One" talks about resilience, cats, and ice cream. See her in Confetti Fest 16 (Online!) starting tomorrow, Thursday, December 3! Register and donate at

Who is your character, and what do they want in the show?
In Not Even One, Marcy wants to find balance between her old friends and old sources of enjoyment but also be at peace with the changes she has to make in order to live a healthier, sober life.

What attracted you to Confetti Fest?
Besides simply knowing how much fun ConfettiFest is from being in ConfettiFest 14, I really wanted to be a part of it this year because of how much I was missing theater due to COVID. Watching so many plays on zoom made me really crave being on stage again, so I jumped at this chance... and at the chance to work with Linda Shirey again.

What has been your favorite moment in rehearsal so far?
I'm struggling to pick just one... because I really think my favorite moment was actually finding out I had been cast in Not Even One. Besides just being so grateful to Linda for casting me, I really could not stop smiling once I learned Colleen and Vince were also in this play. I knew this process would be a blast, though certainly not easy, and it has not disappointed.

If your character could give one quarantine survival tip, what would it be?
Stick to cuddling cats and eating ice cream.

Why should people watch Confetti Fest 16
One thing that really came out of COVID was the importance of the arts and how much creativity and passion the theater community has (In the Capital Region, but really everywhere). Though theater looks different right now, we are still here and putting every ounce of ourselves into it. Please continue to support us, because Confetti is not going anywhere!!!

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This Giving Tuesday, Confetti Stage is giving you the gift of escapism.

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