Confetti Stage is ecstatic to announce the following TANYS - Theatre Association of New York State Roving Adjudicator awards for Confetti Fest 16!:

The Choice:

Excellence in Playwriting to Adele Costa
Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Mani McCalmon for her Portrayal of Selma
Excellence in Direction to Siobhan Shea

Great Humanity:

Meritorious Achievement in Playwriting to Matt Reichel
Meritorious Achievement in Ensemble Acting to the Cast

Not Even One:

Meritorious Achievement in Playwriting to Lydia Nightingale
Excellence in Ensemble Acting to the Cast
Excellence in Direction to Linda Shirey
Meritorious Achievement in Lighting to Nick Nealon and Linda Shirey
Meritorious Achievement in Costuming to the Cast

Painting Moonlight

Excellence in Playwriting to Laura Darling
Excellence in Ensemble Acting to the Cast
Excellence in Direction to Joe Plock
Meritorious Achievement in Technical Execution to Joe Plock and his Production Staff

And, as always, thank you to all the people not listed here who continue to create new and exciting ways to bring theater to the community!

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Over 700 views
Over 150 hours of rehearsal
101 minutes
14 actors
8 PAs
5 directors
5 playwrights
1 AD
1 stage manager
1 technical director

And 1 AMAZING Confetti Fest.

Thank you all for making Confetti Fest 16 such a success! Our "run" is over. The video has now been made private. Requests for further viewing may be made by messaging us on Facebook or sending an email to

We thank you for your continued support of Confetti Stage and theatre in all its forms in the Capital Region. We look forward to bringing you more theatre from our unique point of view in the New Year. Happy Holidays, and again, our thanks.

- Sean T. Baldwin, President of Confetti Stage

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Thank you for coming out to see ConfettiFest 16 and supporting Confetti Stage!

Haven’t seen this year’s festival yet? The video is still up for 3 more hours! You can watch it on our facebook page or stream it HERE:

As a closing night Easter Egg, we’re also giving you the blooper reel for Painting Moonlight! Enjoy!

*The blooper reel is rated PG-13 for strong language. Any views expressed by the filmmakers are not representative of Confetti Stage and only reflect the individual’s frustration with the elements.*

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ConfettiFest 16 will only be available for one more weekend - don't miss out on this incredible short film festival that's been generating major buzz. Stream for free HERE: ...

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Meet the Cast!

Nicole Dama from "The Choice" reminds us to be thankful for our friends, families, and carbs. See Nicole in Confetti Fest 16 (Online!), now streaming on our Facebook page and YouTube (link in the comments).

1. Who is your character, and what do they want in the show?

Fatimzarah is baker who is cooking up more than bread. She is a bulldozer parent who thinks she knows what’s best for her daughter.

2. What attracted you to Confetti Fest?

I have missed performing and I was in such a funk before I auditioned. I needed to pull myself out of it by immersing myself in a different world. It was really fun! I had seen my friend and colleague Adele share about her piece and I loved it after reading. I was all in!

3. What has been your favorite moment in rehearsal so far?

Filming was soo much fun! I have been a tagalong to my sister who works on films but to be able to have fun with all the people in the cast along with the crew – it was awesome! Solid second place would be Adele’s kittens at the first rehearsal – they are sooo cute.

4. What has been the biggest challenge in creating a show during a pandemic?

I was super nervous about us filming with no masks but everyone was tremendously respectful and communicated their needs.

5. Why should people watch Confetti Fest 16?

Mani, Talyah, Justine, Siobhan, and Adele – that’s it. That’s the tweet.

6. If your character could give one quarantine survival tip, what would it be?

Always pack bread.

7. This is Confetti’s first big foray into filmed projects. If your character won an Oscar, who is the first person they would thank in their acceptance speech?

Fatimzarah would most definitely talk about herself and her struggle before maybe thanking her husband and children.

8. Confetti Fest is being released during one of the biggest shopping weeks of the year. What item would your character wait in line on Black Friday for?

A Kitchen Aid or a mail order husband for her daughter

9. We are about to celebrate Thanksgiving in quarantine. What are you thankful for?

I am so thankful for my family and friends this year. I have had sometimes where I was not 100% this year and I have felt so much love from my community. <3

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