Audition Announcement! Confetti Stage announces auditions for The 2018 Confetti Fest short play festival, which will feature five one act plays.

Audition dates: August 6 and 7, 2018.

Show dates: Oct. 5-7 and 11-14. Tech week 9/28-10/4.

Audition location: Albany Masonic Temple, 67 Corning Place

Audition time: 6:30 pm sign in; 7:00 pm start.

“The Lovebird”
by Stephen Henel
Directed by Joe Plock

Synopsis: Detectives Blake and Renaldo are investigating what appears to be a murder/suicide in Albany. It’d be a pretty straight-forward case if it weren’t for the fact that the man who plunged out of the top floor of the Albany Hilton was in witness protection after testifying against the mob. Or that a tight-lipped and menacing stranger was spotted walking out of the jumper’s room the same morning a woman was found murdered inside. Was it a crime of passion all along, or a does the stranger know a lot more than he’s letting on?

BLAKE: (Female) Tough but funny homicide detective. Understands people a little bit better than she wishes she did.
RENALDO: (Male) Homicide detective. Former city cop. Can have a bit of a temper. A recent transfer to Albany who has good chemistry with Blake, and can easily follow her cues.
ROMAN: A person of interest in a murder investigation. Bored, laconic, and vaguely irritated. It’s always difficult to read his emotions and intentions.

by Stephen Henel
Directed by Sean Baldwin

Synopsis: It’s The Little Mermaid meets Pygmalion in a bizarre and comedic theatrical mash-up! Lizelle is a mermaid who dreams of starring in a smash hit Broadway Musical! Hickory Ickins is a snooty theatrical director who HATES musicals. When a sinking ship brings the two of them together, Lizelle must choose between her love of musicals and a theatrical contract that forbids her from ever singing again!

LIZELLE: (Female) A talented mermaid who is enamored with musical theater. Although currently an impoverished seller of flowers, she has big dreams of musical stardom! Although she often gets carried away with her passions, she is smart enough to know when people are looking down on her. She is a combination of Eliza Doolittle and Ariel, the Little Mermaid. Must be able to carry a tune.
HICKORY ICKINS: (Male) An egomaniacal theatrical director who hates musicals with the burning rage of a thousand suns. For all of his lofty class and education, he is rarely capable of saying anything with his shows beyond “Hey, look at me!” Wishes to mold Lizelle into his image of what the perfect “serious” actress should be.
CRUSTASION: (Either) Lizelle’s best friend and vocal coach. Also a crab. He is sarcastic and quippy and very defensive of his friend. Singing skills a plus!
DERRICK: (Male) Prince of some kingdom or other. Also a member of Hickory’s acting troupe. Goes off in search of lifeboats and runs into Lizelle under the sea. He is a heartfelt doofus and easily conned.
CLARICE: (Female) Derrick’s doting aunt, who goes to see all of his shows. She’s an aristocrat and kind of a snob, but very supportive of Derrick’s various pursuits.

[some background actors will be needed to play drowning boat passengers]

“The Aftermath”
by Julie Demers
Directed by Linda Shirey

Synopsis: In a small Alabama town, Hank and Joan, who have each lost a child in a church bombing, grapple with racial prejudice and the deaths of their children. They are opposed in the choice of whether or not to rebuild, each wanting to honor the memory of their child and knowing that the decision will directly impact the community that is more troubled than it seems.

HANK: 40s, Southern African-American man. Loving husband and father, sensitive and reserved. Lost his daughter Ava, 14.
JOAN: 40s, Southern white woman. Loving single mother, practical, determined and outspoken. Lost her son John, 15.

“A Good Argument Could Be Made”
by Laura Darling and Joseph Plock
Directed by Monica Murphy

Synopsis: When the angel and devil that sit on your shoulders aren’t whispering in your ear about right and wrong, they’re still close by and they have some things to say to each other about the nature of good, evil, and the choices we make.

DAVE (M/F, any age) – an angel who’s excited for his first assignment on “shoulder duty.” He wants do good for people and does everything “by the book”, but he has ambitions of his own.
ASH (M/F, any age)- a devil who has been on “shoulder duty” ever since “The Fall.” He is laid-back, sarcastic, and apathetic about his job. He’s doesn’t look at the big picture, and is more concerned with his own comfort and messing with “holier-than-thou” angels.

by Nate Beynon
Directed by Chris Kowalski

Oliver is a struggling character actor who has just walked out of the audition for a job that could well have unlocked the door to semi-perpetual employment. He describes the meeting for his on-again/off-again best-friend-for-life (and roommate) Debora, and tries to justify what she calls “this really incredibly awesome mistake!”

OLIVER: a professional actor who is known and respected in the industry. At least mid 30’s. Very good at being amusing. Has nursed more than one straight girl through a break up.
DEBORAH: overworked but makes enough money to pay rent when Oliver can’t. Oliver’s age. Doesn’t mind fighting with people as long as her job isn’t at stake. Has defended more than one friend in public. Reeeaaally white.
DIRECTOR: good at his job. Means well. At least one mid level theater award to his credit. Considers himself progressive. Not young.
LANA LANG: Nice. Smarter than people think. Desperate for a ‘second act’ in her career. Talks with a regional accent. Older.

All those interested in assistant stage management roles are also encouraged to attend!

Please contact Stephen Henel at with any questions.