Auditions for Robin Hood and the King’s Ransom: 5/18-5/19

Confetti Stage, in collaboration with Ten Broeck Mansion, announces auditions for

Robin Hood and the King’s Ransom
by Stephen Henel & Marty Egan
directed by Chris Kowalski

Auditions Dates & Times:
Monday, May 18th & Tuesday, May 19th
6:30pm sign-in; 7:00pm audition start

Audition Location:
The Albany Masonic Hall
67 Corning Place
Albany, NY 12207

Performance Dates:
August 7-8 & 13-15 @ 7:30pm
August 9 & 16 @ 2:00pm
(Tech week August 1-6; specific schedule to be determined in rehearsal)

Confetti returns to the beautiful gardens at Ten Broeck Mansion this summer to present an original comedy by award-winning local playwrights.

This is the tale of that famous rogue and his quest to free the common folk from tyranny, which resonates as much in modern society as it ever did in the past. Featuring all the classic characters, but with a twist. This is the story of the people before they were legends. It is a story not of epic heroes, but of humans. Flawed humans. Deeply flawed humans.

Actors should prepare a short comedic monologue, either classical or contemporary. Headshots and resumes are not required. Some physical activity, including light stage combat, will be necessary for this show. Please note that all roles may be filled by a performer of any gender/age/race.

Rehearsals will begin May 25th. Please bring all available scheduling conflict info to the audition.

For further information, please contact Chris Kowalski, director, at kowalski_christopher at

Robin Hood: (M – 20+) A legend in his own mind, about to find out what it means to be a legend for real. Also fancies himself a charmer and a criminal genius. Much better with a sword or bow than he is with a plan. Experience with sword fight choreography a plus.

Little John: (M – 20+)Robin Hood’s best friend. Soft-spoken and thoughtful. He tries to keep Robin grounded but is rarely successful. Must be big enough for the name to be ironic.

Maid Marion: (F – 20+) A mix between Machiavelli and Mary Poppins. Shrewd and calculating, but with hidden reserves of compassion. Experience with sword fight choreography a plus.

Will Scarlet: (F – able to play 17-20) Also known as Angelina, Marion’s younger and more criminally-inclined sister. “Will” is a powderkeg of chaos, irreverence, disorder, and all the other things her older sister hates.

Alan a Dale: (M – 20+) The narrator of the story. Also the resident minstrel and coward of the Merry Men. Any musical talent (i.e. singing, guitar, flute, etc.) is a plus.

Friar Tuck: (M – 30+) A holy hedonist. Tuck enjoys food, wine, fighting, and social justice. He is the conscience of the Sherwood outlaws.

Prince John: (M – 30+) Usurper, schemer, and jealous younger brother. Prince John took the throne after his brother Richard was kidnapped by pirates.

Sheriff: (M – 20+) Marion’s fiancee and the Prince’s right hand man. Just as egotistical as Robin, but without a conscience to slow him down. Experience with sword fight choreography a plus.

King Richard: (M – 30+) A small role, but a grand entrance. King Richard is the rightful ruler of England who has been kidnapped by pirates and is currently being held for ransom. His is noble, just, and blustery. This role may doubled with Guy.

Guy: (M – 20+) The Sheriff’s toadie. Guy is a sycophant, and if there were yearbooks back then, he probably would have been voted “Most Likely to Be Asked to Fetch Something.” This role may be doubled with King Richard.