Confetti Fest 11 Call for Auditions

Confetti Stage seeks actors and crew for our 11th annual short play festival!

This year we have selected 6 original works by local playwrights to showcase in our 11th season opening show. For years, Confetti Stage has been devoted to developing new works and local talent, and Confetti Fest 11 is the hallmark of our collaborative and creative process.

Monday, June 15th & Tuesday, June 16th
6:30pm sign-in; 7:00pm audition start
Albany Masonic Hall, 67 Corning Place, downtown Albany

Actors should prepare a 1-2 minute monologue. It does not have to be memorized. Actors may also be asked to read selected sides from the plays. Actors may be asked to improvise or demonstrate movement capabilities for certain roles.

This year, in the spirit of the collaborative process, we have added a script development period to the festival for playwrights, directors, and actors. After casting, actors may be called upon in June and July for readings and to be part of workshopping plays. Rehearsals will begin in earnest in August.

Performance dates:
Performances will be held in early to mid-October. Exact dates to be finalized.
Please come prepared with your scheduling conflicts up to October 18th.

Please contact us at with any questions.

We are seeking actors to fill the following 20+ roles for our 6 shows:

by Mark Dalton
directed by Jason LaSusa

Monica Phips-Grawtowski, a former Olympic gymnast, is filming a television commercial years after her gold medal success. Unhappily married, the glare of the studio lights causes her to both verbally and physically ruminate on growing out of gymnastics and into life as a shill for dietary supplements. The action splits between Monica’s professional pitchwoman persona and her wild and ironic repressed teenage persona, which longs to turn back the clock or to rebel against the life she’s blundered into.

Characters (1M, 1F)
MONICA – late 20s (must move well, dance/gymnastics training a plus)
VOICE – unseen actor off-stage

by Amy LaMena
directed by Matthew Teichner

The Seven Deadly Sins are having their regular progress meeting. They are attempting to audition new members in accordance with their bylaws. It does not go well.

Major Characters (3F, 3M)
PRIDE – She leads the meeting and has the honor of being the oldest and most severe of the sins. She is a perfectionist, and can get very irritated at her fellow sins.
GREED – He is the picture of a powerful businessman. At times he wrests control of the meeting from Pride.
WRATH – He is a large, well-muscled man in a tight shirt, jeans, and aviator sunglasses. He is has a short attention span and shorter temper.
LUST – She is a very flashy, well-dressed woman with a obvious sex appeal. She is kind and understanding toward her fellow sins, especially Envy.
ENVY – She is frumpy, and constantly comparing herself negatively to the others. She is clearly the “little sister” to the others, and looks up to Lust.
GLUTTONY – He is blunt, loud, and spends the majority of his time between lines gorging on a bucket of chicken and several bottles of beer.

Minor Characters (Requires a minimum of 2 actors)
*POOR PERSONAL HYGIENE: He is disheveled and disgustingly filthy, but surprisingly professional.
*SELF-ABSORPTION: He is very neatly and fashionably dressed, and of course, incredibly self-absorbed.
*SLOTH: He appears only momentarily and is dressed pajama bottoms, slippers, a t-shirt, and a robe.
*The same actor may play Poor Personal Hygiene, Self-Absorption, and Sloth.

**PASSIVE AGGRESSION: She is dressed like an average PTA mom and speaks like an angry, but vague Facebook status.

by Katherine Ambrosio
directed by John A. Nickles

Durwood, a former physics professor, has become mentally ill from his efforts to decipher String Theory. He spends his days in a psychiatric hospital in England, making figures with a piece of string. Durwood has personified his String, and through the course of the play engages in ongoing dialogue with it.

Characters (2M)
DURWOOD (50’s-70’s) – British, former Physics professor, mentally ill. Also does the voice
STANLEY (40’s-50’s) – Attendant in the psychiatric hospital, British working class accent

by Celina Pulenskey
directed by Nick Himmelwright

Lizzie is facing death and unwilling to let go. The only way for her to face her fear of dying is through reliving moments with her late husband at different stages of their relationship.

Characters (2F, 3M)
LIZZIE – Woman who looks in her 70’s, dying of cancer and scared about it
PATTI – Woman in her 50’s, Lizzie’s daughter, not ready to lose her mother
TEEN MICHAEL – Boy in his teens determined to love Lizzie
YOUNG MICHAEL – Man in his 20’s or 30’s, happy to be a new father
ADULT MICHAEL – Man in his 50’s or 60’s, dying and clinging to life

by Lydia Nightingale
directed by Trish Keister

Bridget has used every method available to a woman to survive in 1945 Berlin, where the foreign “liberators” often exploit and abuse. Her husband, Wilhelm, recently returned from battle, is disturbed by the new order of survival. When family friend Tanja comes to ask them for help, the spouses clash and finally recognize in each other the devastating effects of war.

Characters (2F, 1M)
Bridget – A German housewife, late 20s-early 30s
Wilhelm – Bridget’s husband and a former German soldier/member of the Nazi Party, late 20s-early 30s
Tanja – A family friend of the couple, early 20s

by Alex Hovet
directed by Kat Fronheiser

Two women navigate falling in love and their past relationships through the seemingly-oppositional methods of expression of writing and speaking.

Characters (2F)
I – Female, any race, older than 21. Newly in love with YOU, a writer who longs to express more through speaking
YOU – Female, any race, older than 21. Has had many past relationships and speaks freely, and is just beginning to realize what she deserves

CREW: If you are interested in participating behind-the-scenes at Confetti Fest 11, we need you! Please contact us at for more information.