Agnes of God – Tick Tock

IMG_0389Tick tock…..The second act of Agnes of God centers around two sessions of hypnotism that the doctor orchestrates.  These scene are wonderful bits of theater.  Past traumatic events in Agnes’s life are acted out, heartbreaking revelations shatter illusions- Imagine a the prison scenes in Silence of the Lambs combined with the last scene of Carrie.  This is high melodrama brought right to edge of credibility.  There’s a reason these scenes are favorites of acting classes.  Hence, the metronome.  I don’t think we’ll be using it during the actual dialog, as it’s more than a little distracting.  But, oh, that sound- I can’t resist live organic sound.  Something that says, “This is happening, right now, and all of us, both on stage and off are experiencing it as it happens”.  It’s a way of putting your audience in the same room as your actors.  Whether they want to be there, or not….

– Nate Beynon