Agnes of God – Window Dressing

m3dezsIQLU1rrutr7o1_500What does the Catholic Church have to do with you?”  Yes, and while we’re at it, what does this play have to do with the Catholic Church, for that matter.  Because, alright fine, let’s just take a minute and acknowledge it: Agnes of God is a play with a reputation, in some circles, at least, for being “anti-Catholic”.  On the wall of our event page for auditions, somebody took it upon themselves to comment “Just what we need, another anti-Catholic play.”  Honestly, I was too wrapped up in making sure everything went well during auditions to give it much mind.   But the question hangs there- is the show anti-Catholic?  Agnes experiences severe trauma in the convent, and it’s covered up.  Mother Miriam lies to the doctor.  The doctor tells several unpleasant stories about her childhood involving nuns.  Does that make the show, as a whole, anti-Catholic?  I truly believe the playwright was much more concerned with deeper, more existential questions than, “Is the governing body of the Catholic Church a backward parliament of ravens?”  Lord knows I am.  I care about these three women and how they strive to find connection, and if they succeed or fail.  The Church stuff?  That’s all just window dressing.
– Nate Beynon