Agnes of God – First Reading

IMG_0380First reading of Agnes of God.  Excited to finally start this journey, especially with such able traveling companions. From left to right, Kathleen Reilly, our Dr. Livingstone, Robin Leary, reading Mother Miriam, the indispensable Nick Himmelwright, our stage manager, and Hollie Miller on the right, who’s tackling the role of Sister Agnes.    It’s a wonderfully exhilarating feeling, hearing these three amazing actresses knock the text out of the park, just sitting there at the table.  Each has a distinct voice, and a very clear idea of who their character is, already, and you can sense what this trio will sound like after the show has been put up on it’s feet.  It won’t happen over night, of course, and there will be certainly still be challenges, but, as they say, “We have a show”.

– Nate Beynon