Elephants Graveyard posterElephant’s Graveyard

Confetti Stage presents
by George Brant
directed by Linda D. Shirey
assistant directed by Patricia Keister

Friday-Saturday, April 29-30 & Thursday-Saturday, May 5-7 at 7:30pm
Sundays, May 1 & May 8 at 2:00pm

Confetti Stage takes a timely look at one of the darkest chapters in mankind’s history with elephants in the regional premiere of Elephant’s Graveyard. Directed by Linda D. Shirey, this immersive, unconventional production of George Brant’s heartbreaking tale of violence, spectacle, and mankind’s most tragic insecurities will change the way you experience theater just as surely as it changes the way you think of the circus.

One hundred years ago, a tiny town called Erwin, Tennessee saw fit to execute Big Mary, the “largest living land animal on earth” for the crime of murder. Set in September of 1916, Elephant’s Graveyard combines history and legend, as members of Sparks’ Circus and the citizens of Erwin recount the fateful day the elephant rode into town. Through the heated and often conflicting perspectives of two communities, we see a morning rich with joy and anticipation quickly turn into a night full of fear and hatred, and the biggest, most beloved employee of Sparks’ Circus being sentenced to death. With a poetic, elliptical script that evokes the salty crunch of peanuts, the tickle of sawdust, and the chilling roar of a crowd that came to see a SHOW, Elephant’s Graveyard will excite the audience as only the circus can, and haunt it, as only true tragedy does.

This exciting night of performance will also begin with two short, circus-themed monologues: “The Air” and “The Fat Lady,” written by award-winning, local playwright, Julie Demers!

Elephant’s Graveyard features: David Braucher, Lucy Breyer, Kathleen Engelhardt, Spencer Flottman, Kat Fronheiser, Cory Haines, Stephen Henel, Vivian Hwang, Kasey Kenyon, Lee Lattimer, Talon McLaughlin, John Nickles, and William Sanderson.

All performances will be held at our home theater in the
Albany Masonic Hall
67 Corning Place
Albany, NY 12207

$15 General admission; $10 Student admission
Call to reserve: (518)460-1167