Tickets: $15

Confetti Stage has made a name for itself producing some of the best short original work in New York’s capital region, and this year is no different. Confettifest 12 will present five original one-act plays that explore mortality, immortality, parasitic worms, and bad first dates.

These plays have been edited, reworked, polished, and spell-checked during an intensive pre-production workshop process, allowing each writer the oppurtunity to learn and grow as a playwright, and creating the very best possible show for our audience.

The Plays:

Death of a Hamster- John, an unlikely modern Orpheus, finds himself, quite literally, at death’s door, making one last Hail-Mary to save a small dead rodent.
By Kate Carter, directed by Patricia Keister, with
Kasey Kenyon and Talon McLaughlin

Survivor’s Date- Cecilia and Phillip are world weary singles, battle-scarred, and bitter as cheap gin. Is Alaska the only place they can find common ground?
By Val Kavanaugh, directed by Matthew Teichner, with
Anna Guntner and Joe Plock

The Girl With Wings- Why can’t the people Cassie loves see her wings? What happens when they finally do?
By Julie Demers, directed by Tony Pallone, with
Lydia Nightingale, Keith Searles, Roseann Cane, Monica Murphy, and Keyonn Everett

Symbiosis- Sometimes love is never having to say I’m sorry. Sometimes love is never having to say I’m sorry there’s a parasite crawling up the inside of your leg.
By Amy Sarah Lamena, directed by David Braucher, with
Peter Belencia, Barbara Davis-Dickman, and Daniel Mayer

Funny Voices- Larry was a voice-over actor. His personality had as many facets as he had funny voices. Now, after his passing, his two children attempt to piece those facets together, and form something aproaching the heroic cartoon captain for which he’s best remembered.
By Steve Henel, directed by Mark Dalton, with
Corey Haines, Colleen Lovett, David DiPaola, and John A. Nickles

Thurday, Friday, and Saturday shows begin at 7:30 PM, while our Sunday Matinees start at 2PM!