Elephant’s Graveyard – Three Ring Circus

steamshovellerThere are many trinities involved in Elephant’s Graveyard. The first lines of the play let you know it’s a story about a Town, a Circus, and an Elephant.
Ever since we started rehearsal, Elephant’s Graveyard has been a three ring circus. However, the featured acts are constantly shifting. When we first began the project, it was a script, it was a couple of directors, and it was a room full of actors. As we labored to bring this show to life, our world became the words, the blocking, and the sounds. As we progressed through teamwork and focus, the three rings were soon occupied by vivid characters, story, and setting.
It’s still a three ring performance. We have our town and we have our circus. But on opening night, our third ring will be occupied by an audience. An audience that will be challenged to think about what they’ve seen, what they’ve heard, and above all else, what they’ve felt along the way. It’s a lot to take in, but believe me, once the lights dim, we are all in this show together, and together we’ll see it through to the end.
– Stephen Henel (Steam Shovel Operator)