Elephant’s Graveyard – Choosing a Character

Beard_Jefferson_Deputy_Snohomish-CtyNormally, when you audition for a play, if you are chosen the director tells you what part you are playing first thing. Linda [the director] didn’t do it that way. Although she obviously had some ideas about who would play what role, she had us read the play without giving us parts. That way we would focus on the play as a whole and the cast as an ensemble without highlighting our own lines (and counting how many we had). After we had read the play, she asked us which characters we felt drawn to. I was at the end of the circle and noticed that no one had said the Marshal, so I chose that character. And indeed, I ended up playing the Marshal. He is a character I would not have normally auditioned for, but he is a challenging and interesting role. I feel this production will be theatrical magic.
– John A. Nickles, Town Marshal