Director’s Notes

Agnes of God - In Rehearsal

“In Medieval Times…” Well, no. That’s not the line, not exactly. But that’s what got said. And since it was Hollie saying it, I get a sudden image of Hollie’s Agnes at Medieval Times, brandishing a turkey leg, smiling an angelic, goofy smile and cheering on the black knight to victory. I smother a bout …
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Agnes of God - First Reading

First reading of Agnes of God.  Excited to finally start this journey, especially with such able traveling companions. From left to right, Kathleen Reilly, our Dr. Livingstone, Robin Leary, reading Mother Miriam, the indispensable Nick Himmelwright, our stage manager, and Hollie Miller on the right, who’s tackling the role of Sister Agnes.    It’s a wonderfully …
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