Director’s Notes

Elephant's Graveyard - First Rehearsal

Once again, I am reminded that one brain does not make a show! Elephant’s Graveyard has opened the great circus tent of wonderful, imaginative, creative, opinionated, performers,writers and designers. When I begin a show, I feel childlike. I am never quite sure where the show will take me. I always have a knuckle of an …
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Agnes of God - Martha Livingstone

I was tasked with attempting to write something regarding  my experiences with Martha Louise Livingstone.  For the past four weeks I have been working hard to be to be true to her. As an actor I want to be true to the text and make use of all the wonderful things the playwright has given me. It’s daunting.  There …
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Agnes of God - Window Dressing

What does the Catholic Church have to do with you?”  Yes, and while we’re at it, what does this play have to do with the Catholic Church, for that matter.  Because, alright fine, let’s just take a minute and acknowledge it: Agnes of God is a play with a reputation, in some circles, at least, …
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Agnes of God - Becoming Agnes

When you are used to being the comedic relief it is difficult to just be real.  It has taken several nights of rehearsal to get that through my head.  One night Nate called me out, “lower your voice, you are using it as a mask.  Like a character to protect yourself from being uncomfortable.”  It …
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Agnes of God - Tick Tock

Tick tock…..The second act of Agnes of God centers around two sessions of hypnotism that the doctor orchestrates.  These scene are wonderful bits of theater.  Past traumatic events in Agnes’s life are acted out, heartbreaking revelations shatter illusions- Imagine a the prison scenes in Silence of the Lambs combined with the last scene of Carrie.  …
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