Director’s Notes

The Comedy of Errors - Antipholus of Syracuse

Kasey Kenyon has a repertoire of goggle-eyed masks of surprise the way Eskimos have a vocabulary for different kinds of snow. This, it turns out, is fortunate. This is a farce with lots of characters, each one a precisely placed cog in the plot’s machinery. How does the actor keep who’s who and what’s what …
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The Comedy of Errors - The Abbess

Debora Bercier is tall for her height and she takes the stage the way the way Columbus must have taken the New World: “With all due respect to those that were here already, ” she seems to say, “All this is mine, now.” What she actually says, is, “The venom clamors of a jealous woman …
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Elephant's Graveyard - Three Ring Circus

There are many trinities involved in Elephant’s Graveyard. The first lines of the play let you know it’s a story about a Town, a Circus, and an Elephant. Ever since we started rehearsal, Elephant’s Graveyard has been a three ring circus. However, the featured acts are constantly shifting. When we first began the project, it …
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Elephant's Graveyard - Choosing a Character

Normally, when you audition for a play, if you are chosen the director tells you what part you are playing first thing. Linda [the director] didn’t do it that way. Although she obviously had some ideas about who would play what role, she had us read the play without giving us parts. That way we …
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Elephant's Graveyard - Lady Muse

Last night, I was visited by Lady Muse.  “What the H-E-double-L are you doing?!”  Lady Muse loves to point out my directorial flaws whenever she gets the opportunity. Every show I have ever directed, she appears at some point and tells me how I am messing things up.  This time, she pointed out how I am …
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