Tickets $15 for general admission; $10 for students with an ID

Confetti Stage Theater is excited to be presenting the 13th incarnation of its annual short play festival, Confetti Fest, this October in downtown Albany. The number 13 has long been believed to be unlucky, and perhaps that is fitting for a year that features so many characters who are unlucky at love.

From playwright Julie Demers, there is The Absolute Coherent Justifications of a Rational Human Being’s Behavior -or- The Apology, the darkly hilarious story of a woman named Allison who refuses to move on after a man she has dated starts seeing another woman. No-Kill Shelter by Brenda Kilianski introduces us to Sarah, another woman on the prowl who tries to pick up men at a local animal shelter…with some very unsettling results. In Welcome to Sammy’s, by Steve Maggio, a high-schooler name Sammy takes a job at a local fast food business, where nothing he does seems to impress his attractive co-worker (or anyone else, for that matter). Richard Landers gives us an awkward take on “meeting the parents” with Lust in the Time of Isis, the story of a mother and father struggling with the news that their daughter wants to move to Syria with her new boyfriend. Finally, there is the lyrical and surreal story of Bleached Blind, by Sunny da Silva. Annette is a woman whose eyes can neither close nor see, yet the images of a former love are burned into her mind.

There is sure to be something for everyone in this new and exciting celebration of Capital Region talent! Confetti Stage prides itself on being the first theater in the area to produce an entire festival of original works written, acted, and directed by local artists. Reserve your tickets today to support the amazing talent that our community has to offer!

Confetti Fest XIII features: Sean T. Baldwin, Debby Bercier, Emily Bryan, Ryan Cerrone, Heather Dare, Laura Darling, Spencer Flottman, Vivian Wilson-Hwang, Alex Jones, Colleen Lovett, Talon McLaughlin, John A. Nickles, Sarah Realbuto, David Rook, Maghen Ryan, and Matthew Side. The Absolute Coherent Justifications of a Rational Human Being’s Behavior -or- The Apology is directed by Sunny da Silva. No-Kill Shelter is directed by Kat Fronheiser. Welcome to Sammy’s is directed by Barbara Davis. Lust in the Time of Isis is directed by Monica Murphy. Bleached Blind is directed by Linda D. Shirey.